Launched in Lockdown 1.0


Hester with pregnant tailors dummy

How it all began

Welcome to Breast Dressed! A new brand of sustainable, fashion led maternity and breastfeeding wear. All designed and made ethically in the U.K!

With many of my friends currently on the baby band wagon, I was constantly being asked to design some cool and stylish maternity clothes. After searching the market high and low I realised actually there isn’t much out there at all. Unless you want a striped jersey dress clinging to you, or a frumpy wrap dress, what are you meant to do? This is where Breast Dressed was born and this brand has now become my baby!

I wanted to create clothing that can be worn throughout all stages of mum-hood from pregnancy and beyond. Breast Dressed styles will support your growing bump, give you functionality for breastfeeding should you need it and make you feel beautiful, stylish and cool as a mum long after pregnancy. Yay to mum fashion! Finally!! Pregnancy shouldn’t mean that you have to lose your identity and style, nor should you have to buy a new wardrobe that can only be worn when you have a bump or bigger boobs!

Ethical, local production

I have been working in the fashion industry for over 12 years and lived overseas for nearly 6. I have experienced first hand the various levels of product development and production across the globe and my passion for ethical fashion with longevity has only grown. I am now living back in London and wanted to focus on making my products in the U.K. Helping support other small U.K businesses and in turn our economy. Breast Dressed is designed by myself and handmade in London using freelance seamstresses in their home studios. Happy workers = happy products! I will soon be working with a charity run factory once they are open again after Covid 19 so will be dedicating a page on my website to their work once we are partnered – but I am super excited for that stage!


I want to be open and transparent from the get go about all areas of my brand. My collection aims to provide sustainable and versatile alternatives to fast fashion throw aways! We use natural fabrics such as linen and cotton, nickel free metal trims and buttons made from vegetable pulp and recycled cotton fibers. We are striving to be a no waste company and use all our scrap fabrics to make our brand/care labels and our ‘no waste scrunchies’. All our packaging is fully sustainable – recycled hand-made stickers, acid free tissue paper and compostable mailer bags. Our products are not only fun to wear but they are also kind to the environment.

You can follow the breast dressed journey on our Instagram account @breast.dressed – please do tag your photos so I can see your styles in action! Join me on this crazy journey! :-)

Hester x