Here at Breast Dressed we are taking part in #frankfriday. Continuing to be transparent and honest. With Black Friday suddenly becoming a thing in the U.K over the last few years we wanted to address our thoughts on it. 

As a small business, newly launched during lockdown in June of this year we can't compete with the huge global brands that offer these mad discounts. This year in particular we have a new found love for all independently run small businesses, we know just how much hard work goes into starting and running a small brand. We want to support those that have similar values to ours, who are trying to do good things, make good ethical products without harming the planet and at the end of the day are trying to make an honest living to pay the rent and feed their families. Not con people out of their money in order to buy a 3rd holiday home!

Below are just a few reasons why we aren't taking part in Black Friday:

  • We offer the best quality clothing we can at our very best prices every day, not just for one weekend
  • Our margins our tight as we ensure to use the best sustainable materials we can find - this goes for fabrics, trims and packaging
  • We pay everyone in our supply chain their going rate as they are all small business owners themselves
  • Black Friday promotes over consumption which goes against what Breast Dressed is about
  • We work hard design versatile and functional clothing which can be worn for multiple occasions through life, alternatives to fast fashion throwaways
  • We have just launched out charity collection, RE:LOVED, we aim to keep giving back the community long term

We are not saying don't shop Black Friday, there are some brilliant deals to be had. Please just try to be mindful of where you are shopping, are the products ethically made, are their workers treated fairly? There are many businesses offering their Black Friday profits to charity so look out for those too. We want to see these great small businesses thrive and survive this pandemic.





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