With sustainability being at the forefront of my brand ethos I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss the concept of trans-seasonal dressing and share with you how my maternity clothing range is just this.

What does trans-seasonal mean?

Trans-seasonal put simply means wearing the same garments all year round no matter what time of year it is or what season it is. 

How is trans-seasonal dressing more sustainable?

Wearing your garments all year round means that they are more versatile, they can be worn more often and therefore overall, you are buying less. What’s not to love? This is functional, financially better AND its beneficial to the environment!

In the fashion industry there used to be two main seasons – Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter but now due to fast fashion companies wanting to push consumerism and the demand from buyers wanting the latest trend for their next Insta post there are now hundreds of ‘micro seasonal collections’ – holiday collections, party collections, working from home collections, Christmas collections, festival collections – the list goes on! All of this resulting in huge negative impact for the environment! Buy now, wear now, throwaway and repeat! This is not a sustainable way of shopping or living!


Trans-seasonal dressing means that your clothes may be more expensive but they are designed and made to last for years. So, the cost per wear actually ends up being less than what you are paying for your fast fashion fix.

How is the breast dressed maternity collection trans-seasonal?

It was essential that our maternity collection was completely trans-seasonal. I spent time on my designs making sure that they great quality, versatile and made in a sustainable way.


All of our styles can we worn as is or layered up, making them perfect for all seasons! Take the Ada Jumpsuit – simply add a nursing top underneath for those cooler months or layer with chunky boots and a coat...

                                breastfeeding jumpsuit


maternity jumpsuit

The Lucy dress can we worn in summer, or back to front with a polo neck in the winter months, it can be dressed down on the beach or up with a leather jacket.

                               MATERNITY DRESS
                                MATERNITY DRESS


Our collection is designed to be functional for all stages of mum-hood. Perfect for pregnancy and all throughout your maternity journey. They support your growing bump, they have easy breastfeeding access should you need it and they still look epic after your pregnancy journey. We didn’t want to create a maternity collection that would only be worn for 9 months, we didn’t want to create a breastfeeding collection that would only be worn for the length of time you are breastfeeding. We wanted to create a collection that was stylish, versatile and functional for ALL staged of mum-hood!


All of our fabrics are 100% sustainable and sourced from independent UK businesses. We use fabrics such as 100% linen – which only get better with each time they are washed, making the longevity of our styles greater. Linen also is perfect for those hot summer months and keep you call, yet the weight of our linen is heavy enough to be substantial in Spring and Autumn, and can be worn comfortably with tights or maternity leggings once it’s a bit cooler.


Thank you for reading, hope you found it beneficial and are now ready to start creating your trans-seasonal wardrobe!

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